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Mark Langan Artist


Welcome to Langan Art…the web site of Artist Mark Langan from Brunswick Hills, Ohio.  My thanks to those visiting, in allowing me to share my artistic interpretations and vision.  Creating one of a kind sculpture via the unique medium of reclaimed corrugated boxes.  An obscure material used frequently by all, being transformed into something other than its original intended purpose…aesthetically beautiful three-dimensional art. 


Corrugated board is a material that can be easily recycled over and over again.  I see it as an endless supply source that I purge from my trash and neighborhood, reusing it towards my creations.  Artwork that is intriguing to the viewer whereas one might ponder quite some time over.  A form of green art, that makes a definitive statement with its contribution to the recycling movement.       


Thank you so much for having an open mind and taking a look at what I do.  If you should have any questions as to my creative process feel free to contact me.  I’m passionate about my work and I’d love to hear what you think, it’s always appreciated having the feedback.  If this type of art is something you may desire…Fantastic!  Let’s talk, as I’d be excited to discuss a potential project with you.


Best wishes,


Mark Langan

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